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Q-CONNECT® celebrates its 25th anniversary and launches its sustainable product range through a pan-European marketing campaign.

25 years ago, INTERACTION, the pan-European alliance of business supplies distributors, introduced Q-CONNECT, Europe’s brand of choice for reliable and affordable workplace solutions.  This jubilee marks the beginning of a new era. Our position as a leading company confers responsibility upon us to do our best for the planet and for its future generations. Therefore, INTERACTION has updated Q-CONNECT’s core values: the ambition is to become a sustainable alternative to the big brands in our industry. 


To make this public, Q-CONNECT is launching a pan-European marketing campaign.

With success comes responsibility.

For 25 years the Q-CONNECT® brand has been Europe’s brand of choice for affordable and reliable business supplies. We continuously strive to make the workday of our customers as productive and comfortable as possible. This also means that we need to adapt to new requirements, changing working environments and evolution in our society. We are facing numerous social, economical, and environmental challenges that we need to tackle. As a leading company, it is our duty to be proactive in tackling these worldwide challenges.

“Turning our 3,700 Q-CONNECT® branded products into an eco-responsible range is an ongoing process we started 10 years ago. Based on the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy, we have transformed our product range in various ways, but we want to go even further. Our ultimate goal is to become a sustainable brand of business supplies and to do our fair share of work to help preserve this planet for future generations. We have launched the website , so you can see exactly how we plan to achieve this and what steps we have meanwhile made.”- Jan Van Belleghem (managing director)

The Q-CONSCIOUS Product range

To put the range of sustainable products into the limelight, Q-CONNECT is launching the Q-CONSCIOUS product range. For a Q-CONNECT® product to be considered sustainable and belonging to the Q-CONSCIOUS product range, it needs to comply with at least 1 of the 7 criteria.  These criteria have been defined by an expert committee of our member’s corporate responsibility directors and lead buyers and can be found on .

We have today about 600 sustainable Q-CONNECT products. By the end of 2023 we aim to bring it to 700 references. And the ambition is to have 80% of our total Q-CONNECT range belonging to the Q-CONSCIOUS family in a matter of years.

A clever pan-European marketing campaign
To celebrate the 25th anniversary and the beginning of the new era, we are simultaneously launching a clever visual on-and-offline campaign across 21 countries to introduce our new baseline. This is done in association with the brand marketing agency Cojak.

Q-CONSCIOUS Sampling pack

Later this year, via a coordinated sampler pack campaign, we want to convince our customers and prospects that Q-CONNECT is the conscious choice for their sustainable workplace.  A few thousand packs will be handed over to a selected number of customers and trade leads.

INTERACTION is Europe’s leading alliance of business supplies distributors, active in 21 countries.

Q-CONNECT is the name of the brand of office supplies, developed by INTERACTION and distributed by the members of the alliance in almost every country in Europe.

Gent (BE) - 30/05/2023

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